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Makinghrstrategic article

Making HR Strategic

HR continues to evolve. Helping business leaders understand the strategic impact HR could and should have is always on the agenda. However, being effective is about being a credible activist. Rowena Morais talked to Dave Ulrich and Laurence Smith, about creating value, evolving and HR’s biggest failings.

Themeaningofpersonalresponsibilityforhr article

The meaning of personal responsibility for HR

Chris Roebuck highlights the distinction between the HR business partner model and his new proactive HR Entrepreneur model that and argues, not for more HR savvy, but business savvy.

Gettingtherestylised article

The surprising truths behind the success of many famous personalities

You’d be surprised to discover, that the path to success, fame and glory for many, is not as clear cut or as straightforward as you might have initially thought. Gillian Zoe Segal, whose second book, Getting There : A Book of Mentors is now out, shares why she embarked on this book and what value you can get from it.

Whatispenetrationtesting article

What is Penetration Testing and Why Is this Important?

Penetration testing is only one aspect of a vulnerability management plan but a proactive approach that brings tremendous value.

Given the fact that the internet has levelled the playing field for many small businesses to operate and compete globally, it makes sense for organisations that venture online to understand more fully what it means to take that business online.

Scrumorkanban article

How do you choose between Scrum and Kanban? - Vertical Distinct

Deciding between the two agile approaches can be tricky unless you know what works best in your circumstance.

Whatisitil article

What Is ITIL and How Do We Get Started?

ITIL, formerly known as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a set of practices for IT service management (ITSM) that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of business.1 It is internationally recognised and adopted by numerous world-class organisations. In figuring out whether ITIL presents a better methodology over some of the others in the market, you’d need to see what purpose it is intended to serve.

Threeareastoconcentrateyoursecuritytestingefforts article

Three areas to concentrate your security testing efforts

Senior IT security specialists, Jakub Kałużny and Mateusz Olejarka, outline the finer points behind security testing and what activities this might involve.

Protectingyourbusiness article

Protecting Your Business

Of the many problems you may face in trying to secure your business from network security threats, the two that stand out are firstly, that people tend to be reactive in terms of the financial outlay required to protect themselves especially when the cost to do so is significant and ongoing. They typically wait until they have been hit.

Dataqualitywhyyousimplycannotignoreit article

Data Quality – Why You Simply Cannot Ignore It

Data being an important corporate asset is a given. Placing a definitive value on data, however, is a lot harder than doing so for tangible assets. But if poor data quality costs organisations, how can they address this effectively?